Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank Me Later.

Yesterday was the highly anticipated release date of Drizzy Drake's debut album. I had the pleasure of listening to it early due to the leak (as I'm sure a zillion others did), but I'm still a supportive listener. Although I didn't get the album today, I plan on doing it sometime this week..I was a little busy today. But anyway I'm anxious to see if his album will sell as well as people are predicting. Could he really sell a million copies? It won't be long until we find out. Honestly, I'm hoping he does; in MY opinion, he's a great artist and I think he can do it, BUT we shall see. If you haven't gotten to listen to the album yet, you should, I think you'll enjoy it.

"Nicki’s got records climbing the charts and today Thank Me Later is in stores, so it’s just about relevant people today…" -Drake  (a snippet of his response to LilKim calling him a p*ssy lol)

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