Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Candid photo of Christina Milian and her daughter Violet. This is adorable!

Me and My Boyfriend.

Last night Rihanna, and Dodgers hottie, Matt Kemp were photoed coming out of Phillipe Chow restaurant in LA for dinner. After a recent interview, Rihanna talked about how much she missed him and couldn't wait to see him. I must say I like them together, he's no C.Breezy, but he aint half bad LOL.

Nicki Fever

As I stated in a previous post, Nicki Minaj is EVERYWHERE. I stumbled across more pics from her Black Men Magazine shoot and some others for a different promo. The second set of pics is very Alice in Wonderland esque, and I like it. Love her or hate her, doesn't look like she's going anywhere anytime soon.

We Got Our Guns.

Lady Gaga wears next to nothing for her latest shoot in Rolling Stone Magazine. I feel like I haven't been seeing her as much as I usually do; maybe she's taking a break? This cover doesn't surprise me at all, for her, this is normal. I must say though, I think guns have become an accessory trend. Think about it, Beyonce's "Telephone" video, guns. Rihanna's "G4L" song, guns. I could go on, but I wont :-). Anyway, I'm a Lady Gaga fan and I'm praying that I get to go to her concert when she comes to N.C sometime this fall *crosses fingers*.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five Golden Rings! (part 2)

I told you I'd be back with more pics from the finals game. Enjoy!

(I don't care what anyone says, he loves her.)

(I've been told his hands are as big as Shaq's. It's looking pretty believable! Oh and he's super cute too!)

(We were all wondering where Khloe was.)

(She and Kim stayed in the background.)

I Guess You Know I'm Bad.

Those of you that know me, know how much I LOVE Rihanna. Like seriously! So, very often I will be posting pics of her because to ME, she always looks gorg! She was recently spotted poolside visiting Barbados. By the way, if THIS isn't a beach body, I don't know what is!

(p.s I'm loving her Kool-Aid red hair)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Golden Rings!

Well, I'm not even sure if the rings are gold...but anyway, Kobe earned his fifth championship ring last night along with another MVP win. After my plans of watching the game at BWW didn't work out (seeing as how they were SUPER crowded), my friends and I went to the Allen's place and ordered in. I had fun watching it with them because half wanted the Lakers to win, while the others weren't Celtic fans, they just didn't want Kobe to win lol. I always enjoy watching the celebration after the big win; especially when they guys cry. I love a man that's not afraid to cry. But I digress. I'm sure many of my sports fans have a bitter sweet feeling right about now since the only thing they have to watch for a while is soccer and baseball -_-, but it's only for a little while guys! Congrats to the Lakers and the Lakers (Kobe) fans [I heard someone say that lol].

I'm sure I'll get more pics to post later, but for now enjoy these.

(I LOVE this picture ^^^)

Eye Candy

These Chanel Comb Sunglasses are dope! I don't think they're very practical but who cares? That's why I LOVE accessories!

Pistol Whipped

Now THIS is my type of gun! Diamonds make everything even better!

"Did I Kill The Queen?"

Despite the whole Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef, Nicki continues to be on the cover of magazines and featured on countless tracks. No need to waste your breath or energy on senseless talking right? "Actions speak louder than word" I always say. Nicki's latest magazine spread will appear in Black Men Magazine. The pictures are cute and I'm they were fun to shoot. 

(the first one is my favorite)

Platinum Blonde.

Amber Rose gives her best Marilyn Monroe impression as she poses for YRB Magazine. It's said that she will discuss her sexuality, relationship with Kanye, and new celebrity status. In my opinion, Amber always takes great pics with or without a wig. I think she's really pretty....not to mention she's BAD! More pics below of her spread in the magazine.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Red. White. & Blue.

Dr. Marten + Hello Kitty = adorable. Both Sanrio (created Hello Kitty) and Doc Marten companies are celebrating their 50th anniversary and combining the two was a sweet idea. They'll be available for purchase in September, retailing $165. I'm in love with the cocaine white pair! Check out the rest of the collection below.

Thank Me Later.

Yesterday was the highly anticipated release date of Drizzy Drake's debut album. I had the pleasure of listening to it early due to the leak (as I'm sure a zillion others did), but I'm still a supportive listener. Although I didn't get the album today, I plan on doing it sometime this week..I was a little busy today. But anyway I'm anxious to see if his album will sell as well as people are predicting. Could he really sell a million copies? It won't be long until we find out. Honestly, I'm hoping he does; in MY opinion, he's a great artist and I think he can do it, BUT we shall see. If you haven't gotten to listen to the album yet, you should, I think you'll enjoy it.

"Nicki’s got records climbing the charts and today Thank Me Later is in stores, so it’s just about relevant people today…" -Drake  (a snippet of his response to LilKim calling him a p*ssy lol)

Who's Going to Win It All?

I wouldn't consider myself a sports fanatic or anything, but I do enjoy watching with family and friends. Tonight is the night to see who will win the 2010 championship. I've enjoyed reading my follower's tweets during the games, both for or against either team. It's very entertaining to say the least. Side note, where is everyone watching the game? But any who, who do you think is going to win? Lakers or Celtics?

Hello. Good Morning.

Well, it's 1:48a.m and I'm wide awake. I am suffering from severe boredom so I decided to finally create a blog. I really just wanted to see what it's like to be a "blogger".  Hmmm, now what? I don't really want to describe myself...cliche right? so I guess you can see what I'm into from my posts. Not too much more to say, so here goes....