Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Golden Rings!

Well, I'm not even sure if the rings are gold...but anyway, Kobe earned his fifth championship ring last night along with another MVP win. After my plans of watching the game at BWW didn't work out (seeing as how they were SUPER crowded), my friends and I went to the Allen's place and ordered in. I had fun watching it with them because half wanted the Lakers to win, while the others weren't Celtic fans, they just didn't want Kobe to win lol. I always enjoy watching the celebration after the big win; especially when they guys cry. I love a man that's not afraid to cry. But I digress. I'm sure many of my sports fans have a bitter sweet feeling right about now since the only thing they have to watch for a while is soccer and baseball -_-, but it's only for a little while guys! Congrats to the Lakers and the Lakers (Kobe) fans [I heard someone say that lol].

I'm sure I'll get more pics to post later, but for now enjoy these.

(I LOVE this picture ^^^)

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